At last it seems we're nearing the end of another winter. Just this last week, we've seen temperatures that make an hour's ride on a bike bearable again. Let's not get carried away - we sometimes have awful weather here in February - but you know how it is, the days are getting longer, January is behind us, and we can start planning the summer's bike trips again, usually over a pint of ale (or a glass of red wine, in the case of Mrs Torquemonster).

We came back from a week in Lanzarote ten days ago (strangely there seem to be very few big bikes there for such a warm place, maybe they keep them for the summer?), and since then I've got out on the bike a few times. Just local stuff, but the bike is getting close to 500 miles now, and it's loosening up. I'm aiming to have it run in by the time the spring comes. That's the way to do it if you buy late in the year, in my opinion - look for a good buy, then just take it out on those days when you feel the winter conditions won't take the shine off your new pride and joy. That way it's ready for some serious fun when the biking season returns. And with the recent change in my job (I'm working 3 days a week now, rather than full time), I've got more time to get it ready for summer, which is nice.

Next weekend is one of the first rites of spring - the Bristol Classic Bike show, at Shepton Mallet. It'll be cold and wet, no doubt, but for us it's the first biker get-together of the year around here, and it's always fun rummaging through the autojumble. We'll see this week whether we can hook up with the local Triumph club for a ride in, weather permitting.

There I go again, talking about the weather! Anyway, pics of the show to follow soon, on the website.