Arrival in New Delhi


We arrived in New Delhi after an eight hour flight, not quite sure what to expect. These photos give some of our initial impressions of a very diferent land and culture from anything we've encountered before.


Our tour guide gave us all marigold garlands (yes, Andy too!) to welcome us to India


It wasn't very far from the airport to our hotel, but it took quite a while to make our way through the Delhi traffic


The journey took in some very varied neighbourhoods . . .


. . . including these dwellings “clinging to the edge” (but note the satellite dishes on the roofs)


Our hotel, however, was in an altogether more upmarket part of town


The shopping malls next door to the hotel looked just like the ones you would expect to see in a European or North American city


Even the shops looked familiar


The transport options were a little different though


It soon became clear that motorbikes play a very large role in Indian transport


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