Some More General Perspectives


Last, but not least, on this page we've included a few pictures that we'd like to share, but that don't uniquely belong to any of the other pages.


We spent a lot of time travelling by road, and found it to be an enjoyable part of the trip, passing through lots of small villages and towns


A market (note the pigs and cattle)


In rural areas it was very common to see piles of water buffalo dung drying out to be used as fuel


There were many temples along the way


We didn't fancy their coach!


Some of the local traffic was quite slow . . .


. . . but elephants just won't be hurried!


We saw this protest going on just outside our hotel, though we have no idea what they were protesting about!


We were treated to some dancing at a restaurant in Jaipur where we had a cookery competition followed by dinner


Carpet making in Jaipur




Preparing the wool for the carpets


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