In Search of the Bengal Tiger


A major highlight of the Taj and Tigers tour was a visit to Ranthambore National Park, one of the best places to see the Bengal tiger


It was an early start for our first drive into the park . . .


. . . and it was very cold (by Indian standards)


There was plenty of inquisitive wildlife . . .


. . . and then we spotted what we'd primarily come for!








“My, what big teeth you have!”


After a while the tiger wandered off, but settled again to sun himself on the rocks


Sambar deer — favourite tiger food!


It was a lot warmer when we set off for the afternoon drive


This time we followed a different route, with ruined temples . . .


. . . and Ranthambore Fort


We thought that we were going to miss out on seeing a tiger on the afternoon drive, until we finally spotted this tigress


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