Well, that was a great biking week. We got away to the Peak District in Derbyshire, staying at a little cottage, and splitting the days between biking and walking.

We set out early Saturday, and headed up through the Welsh borders. The trip was reasonably incident-free, except for the rideout that we inadvertently joined. At a roundabout, half of them came out ahead of us, and the other half after, leaving us ... in the middle! We rode along there for a few miles, which was fun, then we flagged the tail enders past us, so as not to spoil their party.

On the first day of our stay, a Sunday, we went to the local biker gathering place, Matlock Bath. It was a warm sunny day, so there was a good turn out, and we sat for a couple of hours, and watched the comings and goings.

The rest of the week was a great combination of rides and walks over the hills and dales. The weather was great, except for one day, and we made the most of that day too, catching up on e-mails in the local Wetherspoons (Wifi hotspot).

Then, of course, there was the local cuisine, which included plenty of pork pies, sausages, ice cream, sweeties and fish & chips!

The ride back was a fast 200 miler, down through the Midlands, and we were home by lunchtime, in time to clean up the bikes before tea.

Both of the bikes performed really well, and we had a lot of fun. The luggage on the CBF was great, and made a real difference to the trip. We were able to carry all the stuff we needed, without a single bungee in sight!