At the time of writing, we’re just back from Cornwall, having enjoyed a nice spell of Indian Summer weather on the bikes. We set off on Tuesday (today is Saturday), for our third spell away on the bikes this year. Last time, Janet was on her Hornet 600, but now she has her new FZ1, and was finishing the running in on this trip.

We crammed the luggage into the CBF’s top box and panniers - it’s amazing how much they’ll take! That avoided the need for strap on luggage, which makes life so much easier.

The run down to Cornwall was nice and fast - we’d deliberately waited until Tuesday, to avoid the traffic of the previous (bank holiday) weekend. Janet led on most of the trip (other than the odd occasion where she let me!). She was trying out her new bike, and it was nice to do that without having an old f#rt on a CBF blocking the way!

The roads in Cornwall are an interesting mix. We were staying in Helston, right down in the west of Cornwall, and they range from small lanes through to fast, sweeping A-roads. Exploring the little villages and coves can be something of a lucky dip really. It’s not unusual to ride down lovely lanes, with views out over sea, that really remind you why you ride a bike. Then you take a turn into the signposted car park, to find yourself trail riding! I think we’re getting the hang of it though - don’t commit to anything until you’re sure it’s a paved road!

Yesterday’s trip to Land’s End was great - the countryside is wild at the western extreme of England, and the roads were quiet. We spent a couple of hours gazing out over the Atlantic, in this wild and windy spot. Then to Penzance, to enjoy views back to St Michael’s Mount.

Today, with several days of wet weather forecast, we packed our bags and headed for home while the roads were still dry (yup, fair weather motorcyclists and proud!). I led this time, just by way of variety. The trip was much slower, with the usual late summer Saturday traffic jams added to by a couple of nasty looking road accidents, both in the opposite carriageway, but unfortunately everybody slows down for a good look, don't they :-(

Both bikes fared well. Janet has finished running hers in now, and it really is a very fast machine. The CBF is doing exactly what you’d expect. It is a really accomplished all-rounder - fast, predictable, comfortable, and easy to get along with when you want to sit back and enjoy the view.

We had a great time, and some fabulous late summer weather - it's just a shame that autumn is now beckoning!