It's been a while now since I last posted here. The main reason is that I've not ridden a bike for over a month now! The weather has been absolutely appalling here in North Somerset, with snow on the ground throughout December.

All of which is rather frustrating, if one has bought a new bike in November.

It all started well enough. Mid-November was mild and dry. I picked up the new Speed Triple, and straight away I got on with running in. In the first couple of weeks I did 300 miles, and I absolutely love it. It's fun, fast, and full of character - everything I was looking for.

The engine loosened up nicely, and I was looking forward, after a short car trip to the Peak District, to finishing off the running in by mid-December. Then it snowed.

The snow really first hit us when we were in the Peak District - a couple of feet thick generally, with drifts of twice that thickness. Our plans for driving around and long walks were put on hold, and eventually we came back a day early, when the roads out of our upland village were cleared.

Expecting our usual mild southern weather, I was looking forward to putting a couple more hundred miles on the Speed Triple. But I haven't ridden it once since November! Icy roads were soon followed by snow, and sub-zero temperatures meant that the snow hung around until after Christmas.

At last, the snow has cleared. The bike is booked in for its first service next week and, after that, hopefully we'll have some more typical (damp and drizzly!) winter weather.

I don't mind getting the bike wet, but I really don't want to subject it to the corrosive effects of road salt. This one will be a "keeper", and I want to keep its good looks intact for as long as possible.

More riding impressions soon - if the snow stays away!