Well we had a bit of a change of plan, and didn't get away for the weekend - life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it! But the promised brilliant weather arrived, so we wheeled the bikes out for a clean, and got some of the accumulated winter filth off them.

Then we headed into Bristol on the bikes, to grab a bite to eat at our favourite bike emporium, Fowlers of Bristol. And very nice it was, too. We set ourselves up at a table in the sunshine, and watched the bikes coming and going, while grabbing a snack and a drink. Low key, yes, but a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

This very tidy H-D Sportster combo caught my eye. It's pretty unusual to see a combo at all these days, so it's nice to see one so well turned out.


It was good to see a dad and two kiddies (both kids almost too small to see over the dash!) get helmeted up and ride away - happy family!

Back home, we polished the bikes, lubed the chains, and put them away for tomorrow. Now I think it would be nice to sit in the back garden with a glass of wine, and enjoy the evening sunshine - Cheers!