We were out riding early on Sunday morning, and on this occasion Janet led. We tend to swop around a bit, from one trip to the next, depending on who feels like riding point, and who fancies chasing. The same applies to tours - we've both led while over on the continent.

Anyway, this ride started me asking myself - which is more enjoyable, leading or following? And I came to a conclusion that surprised me. Following is more fun.

Leading is not unlike riding alone - the road ahead is clear, and you can set your pace (albeit you have to make some allowance for the rider/s behind).

But there seems to be a certain poetry to following. You position yourself around the rider/s ahead, you follow their line (or make your own if you choose). Most of all, you get to watch a bike, or bikes, in action. The acceleration and deceleration, the bend swinging, the suspension riding the ripples and bumps in the road. In a way, and depending on how close you ride, it is not unlike (I imagine) formation flying, holding station as the others pitch and roll at high speed.

It may not be the normal "don't follow leaders" biker image, but no matter. Biking is about what you enjoy, and if I'm not riding alone, I'll happily follow.