I had an errand to run in Cheddar on Saturday morning, and as the weather was glorious, I decided to take the bike there, by the long route. We live close to the coast, but we can see the Mendip Hills from our back window, and they are a favourite biking area for us.

So, I was on the road before 8am, and enjoying the (still cool) June morning while there wasn't too much traffic about.

This CBF1000 really is working well for me. If you look at the spec sheet, it doesn't look particularly outstanding, with its "retuned" Fireblade engine, steel spine frame, and conventional suspension. But it really seems to hang together well.

I was able to make a respectable (but legal!) speed on the long, straight roads on the top of the Mendips, which look fantstic right now, with all of the trees in full leaf. There is one favourite but complex little stretch of road, that always gives me a buzz, with a medium speed right hand bend, followed by a dip and a small bump. Occasionally on the Fireblade, when I got it just right, the compression through the dip as I wound on the throttle from the bend was fun, followed by the front end coming up slightly on the bump, as the engine tried to wind in the chain, followed by a wobble as I messed up the front wheel landing! It's not like that on the CBF though, but it is, still, great fun, and, somehow, much more reassuring. Maybe it's true what they say though - the older I get, the faster I was!

Anyway, the long straights of the high road are followed by the tight winding descent through Cheddar Gorge, which really is a great stretch of road, as long as you watch out for the mountain sheep on the road! But the scenery, with the cliffs towering hundreds of feet above the road, is stunning, and worth stopping for.

After I dropped off the present for our nephews in Cheddar, I headed home for breakfast, and preparations for the first England game of the World Cup (beer, chicken wings etc!).

What a great way to start a weekend, eh. Next weekend it's the CBF1000 Owners Rally in Wales. Should be a lot of fun.